Conzept International designs a product for you.

When starting a project with conzept International, we’ll get you a contactperson, that will take care of your project, so you can always keep track of your project at first hand. You can simply call or write if you have questions for the project, current patches or updates for your project. This is a complete solution where we design and develop a product for you – you don’t even have to use the time nor have knowledge of all the technical stuff. We’ll simply take care of everything until you’re happy with your new product.


Conzept International has many fun ideas and together with technical skills, we have created several great successes.

At conzept International we only make products of the highest quality. We know that it takes more than a good product to create a success. The product must visually perform among the other products in the stores. It can happen in several ways. For example, the product can have a nice design or a funny shape. This will make sure that the product will get attention. The next parameter is the experience with the product. The product should be easy to use with a good dose of quality. When customers have a positive experience with a product, chances are good that they will buy the product again. Conzept International has started several brands up with international attention. Most exiting cases among our successes are Love Box and Blink Mints that was sold in over 40 countries worldwide.