We do cool packaging. It’s as simple as that. Heres why thats valuable for you.

At conzept International we always make sure to deliver work of the highest quality to ensure that customers get experience in the highest caliper. We are constantly evolving to make a better and bigger company.

At conzept International we work in several different ways. One of the ways is our own concepts and products that can be seen all over the world. On this front, we’re always on the run, and with large well-known brands as Blink or Love Box, we show how we can easily compare with the big players in the market.

We also help many small businesses started by realizing the concept dreams. Now its suddenly not that far from an idea to a final product. We have all the expertise you could ever dream of, and that makes sure that your goal is just around the corner.


Our way to success

From the humble beginning in a small Copenhagen office in 1993 Conzept International started, with a passion, developing packaging material and packaging concepts for Brand owners in the confectionery industry. Over the years Conzept International have expanded and developed into a significant player within the creative packaging industry for both FMCG and B2B companies – but always still with a passion.

Today Conzept International are shareholders in a tin box factory, we have long term strategic partnerships and investments in factories shaping, printing, moulding, assembling and injecting plastics, cardboard, wood, glass, metal etc. In short, Conzept International have the supply chain in control assuring timely deliveries, quality control, quality assurance and safety – and also importantly competitive pricing.

Conzept International ensure that our products comply to all relevant regulations and EU/US standards applicable for the intended use of these. We are working certified after the latest standards within production management, quality assurance & control, AQL. We also have BRC certification for items used within the food industry.

In addition to this we have our own industrial and graphic designers and engineers who will help you develop, visualize and prototype your ideas.

Conzept International customers range from the largest multinational corporations to the small specialty enterprise with great ideas and products. No job is too big and no job is too small. Our philosophy based on our history is: “if we help you when you are small, you will remember us when you get big”.

So get in touch and let’s discuss your idea, request or project – naturally in total discretion. Explore this site for inspiration from a few of the projects Conzept International have previously developed, but remember no project is the same.


This is our guide to make great products. It always starts with a good idea!


First thing first. We discuss the project and find the best way to approach it. We discuss form, materials, design etc.


Our designer makes a 3D rendering for the customer. This is where we can spot flaws in the project. From here on we make sample, so we can make sure everything runs smoothly.


Product is done, and this is where we see a lot of smiles. But theres no time for relaxing. We need to follow this product to make sure it will perform in the stores.